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Glass Steel and Stone

Advertising on Glass Steel and Stone is an economical and effective way to get your message to potential customers. The people who visit Glass Steel and Stone are a diverse group in age, sex, income, and ethnic background. They are equally diverse in thier motives for visitng the web site. Some are real estate professionals doing research. Some are tourists checking out the city before they visit. Some are college students preparing for classwork. Many are simply local residents who like to keep up on what's going on in thier community.

Glass Steel and Stone receives thousands of visitors each day, and serves tens of thousands of page views as outlined in the chart below.

Average unique visitors per day:
Average unique visitors per month:
Average unique visitors per year:
Average page views per day:
Average page views per month:
Average page views per year:
Numbers as of November, 2010.

Glass steel and stone also carries extremely high authority due to the quality content that is linked to all over the web. We currently have over 5,800,000 links pointing to this site as evidenced by the google webmaster tools screenshot below.

high authority link stats

We've included pictures of the web site to demonstrate where the ads will be placed. Your ads can be online in a day or less. The impressions noted are from human visitors only. Spiders/Bot traffic is not included in these numbers.

Type Size Format Impressions Oct 2010 Monthly Cost Aproximate CPM
Top banner 468x60 or 728x90 Graphics/Text 185,000 $450 $2.43
Skyscraper 120x600 Graphics 105,000 $185 $1.76
Box 300x250 Graphics/Text 140,000 $550 $3.92
Site blitz All Plus Bottom Ads Graphics/Text 540,000 $1250 $2.31


  • Artwork is the responsibility of the buyer. We do not offer banner creation services.
  • All artwork or code must be e-mailed to us before ads can be shown.
  • Acceptable ad forms include: GIFs, animated GIFs, JPEGs, Flash, plain text, and HTML.
  • We reserve the right to refuse ads for pornographic material, cigarettes, online gambling estabishments, or any other product or service we choose not to promote.
  • This page is not a guarantee that we will accept your ad. Ads may be rejected for quality or content at the discretion of the management.
  • The number of times an ad is displayed will vary from day to day with visitor traffic.
  • Unless otherwise noted, all terms are quoted in calendar months. Because months vary by length the actual number of days an ad runs will vary with the calendar. A one month contract from February 3-March 3 will have fewer days than a one month contract from March 3-April 3.
  • Option X advertisers will gain priority over other advertisers.
  • Acceptable payment forms: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card, Paypal, personal or business check.
  • Payment must be made before ads will be displayed. Checks must clear the bank before ads will be displayed.

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Form: Text Graphic Animation
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Option C - Box Size: 300x250
Form: Text Graphic Animation
Option X - Site Blitz Form: All
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