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Bank of America Corporate Center (Charlotte) photograph.
Photograph © Mike Stroh

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Bank of America Corporate Center

Formerly: NationsBank Corporate Center
Built: 1992
Type: Skyscraper
Maximum Height: 869 feet / 265 meters
Location: 100 North Tryon Street, Charlotte, United States
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W hen most people think about technology and the new economy, the Carolinas aren't high on their list of high-tech areas. But the region has managed to transform itself from a sleepy backwater into a surprisingly large metropolitan area in just a couple of decades. Leading this growth is a proliferation of banking and high-tech groups. After all, North Carolina is where the Internet was born in 1969. The capital of the "New Mid South" is Charlotte, and at 265 meters, the Bank of America tower stands as its symbol of prosperity. By using a classic art deco tower style with modern elements it helps bridge the past and the future. Like may other similar buildings before it, including the Chrysler building, this skyscraper's focal point is its spire. But unlike the Chrysler building which uses light and stainless steel to create a glittering effect, the Bank of America building shines from within -- its cap is glass illuminated by floodlights, making it stand out in the gallery of world skyscrapers.

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Jason King
Friday, May 13th, 2005 @ 5:17am
Rating: Five stars.
I rated this building a 5 instead of a 4 because of it's spire. I think that it is one of the most interesting spires, 2nd only to the Chrysler Building. It's wonderful.

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