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Synagogue of Florence photograph.
Photograph © Mike Lastort

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The Synagogue of Florence

Also known as: Tempio Maggiore
Also known as: The Major Temple
Built: 1874-1882
Designed by: Vincenzo Micheli
Type: Holy Place
Location: Via Farini 4, Florence, Italy
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W hile Italy is a largely Catholic country, the Jewish Synagogue of Florence is a welcome addition to the Florentine skyline. Its huge copper dome fits in perfectly with the neighboring community and the other great buildings of this city. The synagogue is described as Moorish, but also includes healthy doses of Byzantine and Egyptian influence. Its fašade uses two distinct types of marble in order to harmonize with the surrounding architecture. The synagogue has seen better days. From the distance, patches are visible in its once glorious copper dome. The building was used as a garage during World War II. When the Nazis left, they mined the place and it suffered much damage.

  • The mosaics and frescoes inside are by Giovanni Panti.
  • The great arch is by Giacomo del Medico

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Ttheresa Medici
Sunday, January 5th, 2014 @ 6:47pm
I love the History if florence/beautiful Synagogue's i was there in 2010/ did not get to seethe Jewish Museums/ I wii be there in 2014 and i will make it this time.

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