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Vilnius TV Tower photograph.
Photograph © Jonas Sauciunas

Vilnius TV Tower photograph.
Photograph © Jonas Sauciunas

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Vilnius TV Tower

Built: 1974-1980
Type: Tower
Maximum Height: 1,071 feet / 326 meters
Location: Sausio 13-osios gatve 10, Vilnius, Lithuania
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L ike some fantastic UFO rising into the sky, the observation and dining levels of the Vilnius TV tower have become more than a landmark for this Baltic nation – they represent its struggle for freedom and independence. It was at this tower in the waning years of the Soviet Union that more than a dozen people gave their lives as the Communists struggled to keep their empire from slipping through their fingers. The TV tower unites a people with its programs, and its iconic presence. It is a focal point for festivals, holidays, and rallies of all sort.

  • December, 2000 - Using long strings of lights, the tower is turned into a giant Christmas tree. The tradition continues each season until 2010, which is Lithuania’s 1,000th anniversary.
  • 13 January, 1991 - Soviet tanks storm the tower to stop broadcasts advocating Lithuania’s independence from the Soviet Union. 14 people were killed and 500 wounded.

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Saturday, August 20th, 2005 @ 8:57am
Rating: Five stars.
this tower is our histories memorial. 13 dead people. 12 guys and 1 girl died by this tower for lithuanians freedom against russia...

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