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Menara Maybank photograph.
Photograph © World Photo Gallery

Menara Maybank photograph.
Photograph © World Photo Gallery

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Menara Maybank

Built: 1988
Designed by: Hijjas Kasturi Associates
Type: Skyscraper
Stories: 50
Maximum Height: 799 feet / 244 meters
Location: Jalan Tun Perak, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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A rchitecturally, the nations of Asia tend to be far more avant-garde than Western countries. Places like Shanghai, Tokyo, and Hong Kong erect skyscrapers that are both dizzying in height, and boggling in their forms. However, for the most part Kuala Lumpur disappoints. With the notable exception of the Petronas Towers, most of the skyscrapers in the city follow the boring Western mode. The Menara Maybank is also a fortunate exception. It creates harmony out of discord by pairing a leaning angle with another pushing back in the opposite direction. The silhouette is something like a Fuji symbol, but more dramatic because each side is missing a leg. This creates visual tension that can almost make you imagine that the two sides of the building are locked in an embrace, in a tango, or in a fight to the death. Whatever the case, it is a welcome change from the skyscraper doldrums that have infected this city.

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