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Old United States Courthouse Tampa photograph.
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Old United States Courthouse Tampa

Formerly: United States Post Office
Built: 1902-1905
Designed by: James Knox Taylor
Renovated: 1931
Type: Government Building
Location: 601 North Florida Avenue, Tampa, United States
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Description by Description by United States General Services Administration
T he United States Courthouse in Tampa is a downtown landmark and a symbol of the Federal presence in Tampa. The building is the oldest significant building in Tampa originally designed for government use. Due to its central location, it serves as a focal point of the downtown area. The building is not associated with any historically significant events.

The U.S. Government acquired the deed to the property from William B. Henderson on July 27, 1899. Built on a full city block the original design allowed for generous landscape areas. The construction drawings were completed by James Knox Taylor, Supervising Architect of the Treasury Department in 1902. The building is an example of the advanced type of construction developed by the Treasury Department near the turn of the century. Construction was completed in 1905.

The original building was designed in a "U" shape with the rear open at the loading dock area. An addition was built at the rear (east) in 1931. The addition projects 27' out at either side and completely enclosed the light court and occupies the remainder of the space within the property lines.

Though the building's original purpose was as the main Post Office of Tampa, the postal presence in the building began to diminish in 1968. At that time the first floor postal work area was reconfigured for use by the Public Health Service and the Post Office was moved to the basement. The Public Health Service moved out in 1980 and the building was converted to space for the U.S. Courts in 1984.

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