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The Monument

Built: 1677
Designed by: Sir Christopher Wren
Type: Monument
Maximum Height: 202 feet / 62 meters
Location: Cannon Street, London, United Kingdom
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N ever has such a great piece of architecture been given such a bland name. Called simply "The Monument" it commemorates the Great Fire of 1666. At 202 feet, it is the tallest freestanding stone column in the world. 202 feet is also the distance to the suspected source of the fire that destroyed the city -- a bakery on Pudding Lane. At the base is a marvelous depiction of the fire, and a plaque describing the event. To get to the top, pay a small fee (£1.00) at the bottom, then climb the 303 spiral steps to the top. The observation platform is enclosed in a wire cage which ruins photography. But the view is wonderful. You can see the BT Tower, Tower Bridge, and the dome of Saint Paul's.

  • Architect: Sir Christopher Wren
  • Architect: Robert Hooke
  • The fire of 1666 destroyed 13,200 homes
  • The fire left 70,000 people homeless -- about 87% of London's population at the time.
  • The fire destroyed 87 churches
  • The 2009 renovation cleaned the exterior stonework, replaced the safety enclosure on the public viewing deck, and added a camera to the top of the column.

  • 1671: Construction began.
  • 1677: Construction ended
  • August, 2007: The Monument closed for renovation.
  • February, 2009: The Monument reopened to the public after a 4,500,000 renovation.

  • It is 311 steps to the top of The Monument.

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Did You Know?
  • The Monument is a doric column.

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Mal Walker
Sunday, March 13th, 2005 @ 2:09am
Rating: Five stars.
Historical and outstanding (not an easy climb either)

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