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San Francisco Museum of Modern Art photograph.
Photograph courtesy Philip Greenspun.

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San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Built: 1995
Cost: $60,000,000
Designed by: Mario Botta
Type: Museum
San Francisco, United States
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80% of readers like the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.
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A collection of huge red slabs adorned with portals that catch the eye in the way that mere doors never could. Befitting a city that has always embraced the future, this is one of the largest modern art museums in the United States. That forward-thinking is demonstrated in the way the building is constructed to allow for the easy addition of additional space. Like all of the newer art museums, every effort is made to both maximize space while allowing the art to be seen in natural light. But it is more than just galleries. There is a theater, a library, a cafe, and a bookstore. Visually, the San Francisco MoMA is a beacon of art drawing people to it while maintaining the dignity afforded one of the world's great galleries. Although the museum is a great repository of beautiful things, they will have to remain only in your memories.

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