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JPMorgan Chase Tower (Dallas) photograph.
Photograph © Wayne Lorentz

JPMorgan Chase Tower (Dallas) photograph.
Photograph © Wayne Lorentz
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JPMorgan Chase Tower

Also known as: The Keyhole Building
Formerly: Chase Tower
Formerly: Texas Commerce Tower
Built: 1987
Cost: $300,000,000
Designed by: Skidmore, Owings & Merrill
Type: Skyscraper
Maximum Height: 738 feet / 225 meters
Location: 2200 Ross, Dallas, United States
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E ven if it wasn't for this tower's most intriguing feature, it would still be a great building. Rising smoothly from the edge of Dallas' high rise cluster, its pink granite grid fašade peters out to reveal a more delicate grid of glass and steel. But that could be romanticizing the effect a bit. Others say it's easier just to imagine the building as a just-opened candy bar revealing its chewy nougat center. Whatever you believe, the gem of the building is truly at the top where the tower divides to reveal a seven-story space, gap, or "keyhole" as it is commonly known. While some of the new megatowers planned for construction in other parts of the world will be built with larger, smoother holes to reduce wind resistance, this one is purely ornamental. It is a fortunate instance of artistic merit being chosen over the price-per-sqare-foot bean counting. The eye is led from the base to the keyhole by a spine made from two protruding windows. Their antithesis is expressed through a ridge that dents the corners.

  • June, 2006 - Equitable Life Assurance and Nissei Realty sell this tower to Stream Realty Partners and Highland Capital Real Estate Fund.
  • November, 2007- This building is sold to Hines REIT.

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