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eBay Park photograph.

eBay Park photograph.

eBay Park photograph.

eBay Park photograph.

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eBay Park

Built: 2000
Type: Office Building
Stories: 5
Location: 2145 Hamilton Road, San Jose, United States
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T ypical of the sprawling office parks that many dot-com companies aspired to in the 1990's, eBay Park tries to embody the "corporate whimsy" of the time. eBay's operations are spread out among several buildings at this location and another to the north. It is a cartoon version of a college campus with brightly colored directional signs and buildings bearing fanciful names reflecting the kind of work being done inside each. Though the campus is big on human-friendly features, this kind of sprawl probably isn't the most environmentally friendly use of the land.

  • The eBay lobby contains a "Pez Wall" where Pez dispensers are on display, reflecting eBay's early days as a place where people could buy and sell Pez dispensers.

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