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The Buildings of Batman Begins
An Architectural Tour Behind the Scenes of Chicago as Gotham City

Gotham Police Cars

These are your generic garden-variety dark gray and white Oldsmobuicks. Here you can see them lined up on the roof of a parking garage after a hard day's work chasing super heroes. The cars are marked with either "GPD" or "GPD Police" on the side. The light bars on top are equipped with blue and red rotating lights. Their lack the white or colored strobe lights of real police cars because they look like crap on film. In addition to the roof-top work seen here, they were also spotted chasing the Batmobile down Lower Wacker Drive, and rushing down North Franklin Street (the wrong way) for what I guess might be cutaways for another chase scene, since the Batmobile was nowhere to be found.

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Warner Brothers must not be that interested in hiding them since they left the Gotham police cars parked in a public parking garage.

A closer look shows the "GPD POLICE" letters on the side, which would read long-form as "Gotham Police Department Police." A little redundant. Like people who say, "ATM Machine."

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